Second Thor Clip Includes Likely Avenger Cameo

Paramount and Marvel have released a second clip from Thor via IGN that features a muddy battle and a first-look at an Avenger.

In this new Thor clip, the God of Thunder encounters a massive S.H.I.E.L.D. guard while trying to retrieve Mjolnir. A big, muddy brawl ensues while someone with a bow and arrow watches from a lookout post above.

That someone would, of course, be Hawkeye, though it’s impossible to tell if Jeremy Renner is in the all-black costume or not. The angle is such that the scene could have been shot after Renner was cast, though my money is on a stand-in with the Renner-specific shots taking place in a different scene filmed on a later date.

Here’s the first Thor clip in case you missed it.

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