Second Skyline Trailer Sees Aliens Touch Down

The second trailer for Colin and Greg Strause’s Skyline has arrived and its clear the special effects wizards-turned-directors are making full use of their background to bring the alien invasion story to life.

In the first Skyline trailer we were introduced to the city of Los Angeles and a series of blue glowing lights that fell from the sky and attracted humans to them. The lights turn out to be the equivalent of bug lamps and the humans drawn to them are sucked up like lint into large ships.

This new trailer focuses a bit more on the cast which includes Donald Faison, Eric Balfour, David Zayas, Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel, as well as the aliens inside those ships who have more firepower in their arsenal than giant airborne vacuums. They’ll hit the ground running – hard – and appear to have the ability to first brainwash and then eliminate humans at will.

Watching the giant alien ships hover above cities around the globe including London and New York, as well as the army launch an airborne offensive against them, plays like the modern day equivalent of Independence Day. Only there’s no Will Smith this time around and hopefully no Apple computer virus to save the day.

Skyline brings a welcome dose of sci-fi to theaters when it opens everywhere on November 12.

Download the second Skyline trailer in HD over at Apple Trailers.

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