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Skyline Blu-ray Review with D-BOX

Visual effects gurus The Brothers Strause bet their limited budget on Skyline's deadly aliens attracting moviegoers into buying tickets with hypnotizing blue lights and human vacuum spaceships in scenes right out of a video game. They lost that bet and…  Read More
out of 5

Big Alien in New Skyline Clip

Universal has dropped a new Skyline clip that popped up on Yahoo! Movies and is ready for you to watch below. In the clip, Eric Balfour and Brittany Daniel are hoping to be rescued off a roof by a helicopter. If you’ve seen the Skyline trailer… Read More

Second Skyline Trailer Sees Aliens Touch Down

The second trailer for Colin and Greg Strause’s Skyline has arrived and its clear the special effects wizards-turned-directors are making full use of their background to bring the alien invasion story to life. In the first Skyline… Read More

The Game Season 3 DVD Giveaway

 Contest has closed.  The Game has wrapped up its third and final season at CW which just became available on DVD for the first time on July 6 (the show moves to BET in early 2011 for season four). We’re offering one of you the chance to take home this new DVD set starring… Read More