Saint’s Row IV Box Art is Lush and Ludicrous

Saint's Row IV Box Art is Lush and LudicrousVolition left nothing on the table when designing the official box art for Saints Row IV. It looks as ludicrous written out as it does in visual form.

There’s a guy whose doing his best Robert Downey Jr. impersonation while sitting on a throne, flanked by a couple of well endowed an well armed ladies on either side. Through a blown out hole in the wall behind them are alien crafts hovering over Washington D.C.

Wait, it gets better. Holding a ripped out Washington Monument in one hand and attacked the Lincoln Memorial with its legs is a giant can of Saints Flow energy drink.

If Volition and distributor Deep Silver are trying to differentiate Saints Row IV from that other big open world game coming out this fall then mission accomplished.

Click here to pre-order Saints Row IV for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC at It arrives in stores on August 20.

Saint's Row IV Box Art is Lush and Ludicrous

Source: Twitter

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