Rumored Blu-ray Pre-Announce Dates

Were you as disappointed in the lack of new Blu-ray and HD DVD title announcements coming out of CES this year as we were? Only Fox and Disney issued press releases, and each were stacked with titles we already knew were coming. The ones we didn’t have dates for, like National Treasure and Finding Nemo, we still don’t have dates for.

On the HD DVD side, Universal backed off talking about their HD DVD plans entirely after the stunning Warner Blu-ray announcement. Paramount announced Dreamwork’s Bee Movie, but that news was known several weeks ago.

The aftermath of CES is aside from speculating about the future of HD DVD, we’re left with little information after what has proven to be, in the past, a launching pad for A-list title announcements.

When in doubt, scour the web — which is exactly what we did. And what we found on retailer websites are some possible street dates that may, or may not, be officially announced by the studios in the weeks ahead. Please keep that in mind before marking your calendar with a Sharpie.

First up is Disney’s blockbuster hit Enchanted, which we knew was coming to Blu-ray but didn’t know when. We can now tell you the target launch date is March 18.

Next up is Fox’s Hitman, based on the popular video game series. This is an obvious new theatrical release for Fox on Blu-ray, but wasn’t obvious was a possible date. As with Enchanted, keep your eyes on March 18.

Speaking of Fox, remember when they pre-announced the original Predator what seemed like eons ago? Well, it looks to be back on track for an April 15 release. We’d put our money on that being the date for Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, as well.

Once again, none of these titles have been officially announced by the studio. Take them with a grain of salt until said official announcements are made.

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