Nintendo Land Adds Metroid Blast, New Trailer and Box Art

Nintendo Land Adds Metroid Blast, New Trailer and Box ArtMetroid Blast: Deep Space Shootout is joining Nintendo Land when Wii U launches on November 18 as an attraction that resembles the tech demo I played at E3 2011.

Metroid Blast is designed to take advantage of the Wii U GamePad and up to four additional players using Wii Remotes. The GamePad player is in a flying saucer-like vehicle high above an arena while the other player(s) is running around down below.

The objective in Metroid Blast is to fend off waves of enemies without dying. Sounds simple enough, but the difficulty will ramp up the deeper you go. In short, it’s a kiddie version of Metroid that will have to suffice until the real deal is inevitably revealed.

Nintendo Land will feature 12 total attractions when it ships on November 18, 2012. Along with Metroid Blast are The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Animal Crossing Sweet Days, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course (single player), Takamaru’s Ninja Castle (single player), Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, Balloon Trip Breeze (single player), Mario Chase and Pikmin Adventure. The other four Nintendo Land attractions remain a mystery, as does any potential for additional attractions via DLC.

Check out the new Nintendo Land Wii U trailer and box art below.

Nintendo Land Adds Metroid Blast, New Trailers and Box Art

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