New The Dark Knight Rises Images Showcases Star Talent

The Dark Knight Rises final countdown is officially underway as Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film is set for its big debut this upcoming Friday, July 20 at 12:01am.

Just because The Dark Knight Rises was a no-show at Comic-Con doesn’t mean Warner Bros. isn’t promoting the surefire blockbuster right into its release. From numerous television spots to Anne Hathaway making the Talk Show rounds, Batman’s presence is seemingly everywhere these days.

The latest goodies shared by Warner Bros. are another round of The Dark Knight Rises high resolution images. Whereas previous image compilations have focused mainly on Batman (Christian Bale), Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) and Tom Hardy (Bane), this dozen steps outside the box a little and gives some attention to the film’s secondary characters.

Making appearances in the new images are Alfred (Michael Caine), Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) and Deputy Commissioner Foley (Matthew Modine). There’s a couple great new shots of Bane, too, but Batman (save for Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman sit this round out.

One particularily cool behind-the-scenes images features writer/director/producer Nolan with Bale and Freeman, standing in a garage with one of the camoflauged Tumblers in the background.

Be sure to check out the previously released batch of The Dark Knight Rises images after clicking each in the collection below to view the high resolution version.

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