New downloadable Kameo: Elements of Power content

A trio of new “Kameo: Elements of Power” Xbox 360 downloads are now available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The first is free but you’ll need to fork out some points aka cash for the other two.

Kameo Co-Op Pack ” Free of charge to Xbox Live Gold members. Players can now enjoy the exciting two-player cooperative gameplay in the Kameo: Elements of Power action levels over Xbox Live and System Link.

Kameo Masquerade Pack ” 200 Points. Introduces 10 new exciting costumes for Kameo, including recognizable outfits from classic Rare titles. Players can use the Bonus menu in the last page of the Wotnot book to change Kameo’s costume in-game.

Fright Warrior Pack ” 200 Points. Provides gamers with a full set of fantastic and scary fright-themed costumes for Kameo and all of her warriors. Use the Warrior Upgrade page and the Bonus menu in the Wotnot book to change costumes in-game.

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