MLB 13 The Show Will Follow You Around the Bases

MLB 13 The Show Will Follow You Around the BasesOne of the least engaging aspects of baseball video games over the past couple decades has been the treatment of baserunning. Developers have gotten experimental with fielding by putting the camera behind the outfielder, but baserunning always seems like an afterthought. The revamped Road To The Show mode in MLB 13 The Show aims to fix that.

Alternative cameras have been added for baserunning and fielding in Return to the Show that will follow the player as opposed to the ball. So, say you hit a single into left. Instead of following your player around the bases from a static position at home plate or following the little bases map while the camera follows the ball, the camera runs alongside the baserunner. Likewise, the camera follows fielders while pointed back at home plate so players have to break on the ball as it is coming at them.

Also new is a simulator screen that appears in between appearance by your player. This screen will let you adjust between three different speeds, skip simulations by letting the computer do them for you, or watch an entire game from the perspective your player. This includes every aspect from the game, so you’ll be spending a lot of time watching the game from the dugout. The camera will never move away from your player’s point of view.

To increase realism, the audio has been reworked so that while playing as or watching your player, you will hear only what your player would hear. There will be no broadcast announcer cut-ins. You’ll hear chatter from other players and the sounds of the playing field.

On the customization side, all of the players mechanics can now be changed and saved including the swing, walk to the plate, stride, home run swing, and more.

Watch the new developer diary below that showcases some of these new Road to the Show features in MLB 13 The Show. The game comes out next Tuesday, March 5 for PS3 and PS Vita.

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