Max Steel Toyline Going Hollywood?

When I first saw this news a vision of movie studio executives making mandatory weekend excursions to garage sales popped in my brain. “This weekend’s homework, ladies and gentlemen, is to present two random toys we can turn into movies during Monday morning’s executive committee meeting.”

That was a bit harsh but there’s clearly a major push in Hollywood to tap into established toy brands for films. Along that train of thought, Production Weekly is reporting that Paramount is after another toy property to add to Transformers and GI Joe.

Max Steel first appeared as a toy line in 1999 with companion comic books, CGI-animated TV series and SEGA Dreamcast game. The Max Steel toy line is still going strong today.

Whether Paramount opts to go the CGI-animated route or a live-action film is way too early to tell though my hunch is live-action all the way with a relaunch of the toy line, especially if GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra performs well at the box office.

You can read more about Max Steel at the official website.

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