Mass Effect 3: Take Back Earth Trailer Changes the Tide

Mass Effect 3: Take Back Earth Trailer Changes the TideEA and BioWare sponsored last night’s episode of The Walking Dead on AMC to promote the upcoming hotly-anticipated video game sequel Mass Effect 3.

Rather than only boring “brought to you by” messaging, a two-minute CGI cinematic trailer was created that shows the attack on Earth kicking off the game, and the subsequent resistance that players will find themselves in the midst of. It is, in a couple words, fantastically awesome, but it isn’t quite complete.

On Tuesday, EA and BioWare will release the full extended cut of the trailer. For now we’ve got 90 seconds or so to salivate over.

Watching a cinematic trailer like this in the Mass Effect universe brings back the knowledge that a Mass Effect film is in the works. There’s nothing substantial to report on that at this time, but there are folks working hard to bring Commander Shepard to the big screen.

Mass Effect 3 with Kinect support on Xbox 360 is ready to blow you away when it arrives on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC on March 6.

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