Mario Warfare Trailer Takes Aim at Mushroom Kingdom

Mario Warfare Trailer Takes Aim at Mushroom KingdomEver wonder what it might be like if the cuteness of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. were crossed with the toughness and grit of Activision’s Modern Warfare? If so you weren’t alone, and some other folks who did decided to bring that vision to life.

Behold a trailer for Mario Warfare, an upcoming fan made mash-up of the aforementioned gaming franchises. The live-action tease depicts a Mushroom Kingdom under invasion, and the two unlikely plumber heroes called upon to defend it.

As Shy Guy ninjas attacked, the plumbers fight back with an array of Modern Warfare inspired weaponry. The scene stealer is Toad who mixes in some gun kata (see Equilibrium with Christian Bale for an explanation) to dispose of Shy Guys in a swift manner.

The full Modern Warfare short film is still in the works and no, the filmmakers don’t know when they’ll be done. We’re keeping our eyes open for when it is.

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