Kick-Ass 2 Comic-Con Extended Red Band Trailer Holds Nothing Back

Kick-Ass 2 Comic-Con Extended Red Band Trailer Holds Nothing BackKick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow took the stage at Comic-Con yesterday and unveiled an all-new trailer for the upcoming superhero sequel. The crowd in attendance at Hall H ate it up, of course, but the real winners were the rest of us not in attendance.

Immediately upon the trailer’s completion in Hall H, Wadlow told the audience that what they saw was a censored version and all the vulgarity and violence expected from a Kick-Ass film was in a red band extended trailer that would appear online upon completion of the panel.

He wasn’t kidding when labeling the extended Kick-Ass 2 trailer red band.

Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz are back as Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, respectively, only now Hit Girl is the master and Kick-Ass has become her apprentice. There’s a funny training scene that mirrors the one between Hit Girl and Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) from the first film, but this time it is Kick-Ass standing in the line of fire with only a bulletproof vest as the barrier between life and death.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is back with a new NSFW name, “The Mutherfucker,” to avenge the death of his father by assembling the world’s greatest troupe of super villains. Joining him is John Leguizamo as an evil Alfred, and there’s a great little montage in the trailer where Leguizamo is describing recruits to Mintz-Plasse and he’s naming them on the fly.

The scene-stealer in the trailer happens to be the same man who publicly separated himself from the production and refuses to promote the film due to its violent content with kids. Jim Carrey has some of the best scenes as Colonel Stars and Stripes, one of many self-made superheroes that are standing up for justice in the wake of Kick-Ass and Hit Girl’s success. It’s great to see Carrey putting on a different voice and demeanor for a change. His scenes with his weiner-obsessed dog are the standouts so it’s a shame that Carrey has had a change of heart regarding the film’s intentional over-the-top violence.

Sit back and enjoy the red band extended Kick-Ass 2 trailer based on the comic by Mark Millar, and catch the full flick when it arrives in cinemas everywhere on August 16.

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