Indiana Jones Scoop Suggests Harrison Ford Replaced by Bradley Cooper Scenario

Indiana Jones Scoop Suggests Harrison Ford Replaced by Bradley Cooper ScenarioIndiana Jones may be returning to the big screen in the not-too-distant future with or without star Harrison Ford, according to Latino Review. In fact, one possible scenario involves replacing Ford with Bradley Cooper to keep the franchise alive without a traditional reboot.

Latino Review’s source happen to be the same source that tipped them off to Cooper scoring the Rocket Raccoon voice acting role for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This source is either within Cooper’s talent agency camp, the likely scenario, or falls under the Disney umbrella where both Marvel and Lucasfilm reside.

Whichever the case, the scoop seems valid enough given the source and makes all the sense in the world. Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm put several Star Wars projects in the fire, but the world of Indiana Jones is still ripe for a return. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was critically panned in 2008 yet still went on to earn $786.6 million at the global box office. Disney isn’t about to not try to revive the franchise in one form or another.

The scoop lays out two possible scenarios that Disney is persuing. The first involves bringing back Harrison Ford before he becomes a man of a certain age so he can star in Indiana Jones 5. Jones is rumored to appear in Star Wars Episode VII for J.J. Abrams so one would have to imagine that discussions of some sort have already taken place.

If Jones and the film can’t come together by a cut off date, and apparently there is one, another possibility is taking the James Bond route and simply recasting the character. Disney is apparently high on Bradley Cooper for this route but nothing has materialized as of yet.

As far as story goes, Frank Darabont has supposedly pitched an idea for the next film. What that idea is, and whether that idea centers around Harrison Ford or a recast Indy, is unknown.

Details aside, the key to the scoop is that Disney and Lucasfilm are dusting off the fedora and looking to bring Indiana Jones back to the big screen one way or the other.

Source: Latino Review

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