Full Auto Xbox 360 review

Sega’s Crazy Taxi series was a Dreamcast staple that eventually fizzled out after a short stint on Xbox. Anyone with two hands could pick up, play and immediately get a kick out of picking up fares at breakneck speeds. It was simple to learn yet deep with secrets and alternative mini-games. For its time the premise and execution was unique, not relying on the most advanced photorealistic graphics to draw a crowd. Instead of returning to the pedestrian unfriendly atmosphere of barreling through traffic for fares, Sega’s new property Full Auto is all about straight up rampant destruction and vehicular mayhem.

A combination of vehicle and environment destruction comes from either front or rear mounted weapons kits consisting of a combination of machine guns, shotguns, rockets, mines and grenades. Vehicles armed to the teeth shooting at each other have… (full review).

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