First Look: Meet Decepticon Sideways

A scene from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that seems to be in every trailer and clip shows a Decepticon car crashing through a home in Shanghai in robot mode, transforming at full speed and then continuing forward as a car while Autobot motorcycles in robot mode give chase.

That car is named Sideways and he’s a new character in Bay’s Transformers world. Sideways is assumed to have come to Earth between the first and second film and taken a form similar to an Autobot for presumably undercover work.

It is unknown whether Sideways survives this chase scene that takes place in the opening act of Fallen. Despite his fate, thanks to we have the first clean look of Sideways in his sharp robot mode.

As one of the better and more recognizable ‘Bot designs, I’d love to see this guy get a decent amount of screen time. The odds are stacked against him pretty steep since he has yet to appear in any other scenes.

First Look: Meet Decepticon Sideways

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