Codemasters brings Overload to Xbox 360

Looking back at the past few years of Xbox games triggers only a pair of memorable bizarre yet spellbinding experiences. The introduction of next generation consoles offer the opportunity for developers to put more games into our hands like “Psychonauts” and “Voodoo Vince,” but thus far nothing announced has tickled my crazy bone.

Codemasters aims to fix the drought with the publishing rights acquisition of Triumph Studios’ “Overload,” an outlandish action/adventure putting us in the shoes of a near-dead Overload who must build up his evil empire from scratch. Comedy is sure to ensue with the help of Overload’s Minions; small Gremlin-like imps who take commands from the Overload to perform tasks ranging from pillaging and burning villages to stealing and riding unsuspecting sheep. Much like “Fable,” the actions of the Overlord and his Minions will dictate just how evil he really becomes.

“Overlord offers a wealth of freedom and allows players to experience classic fantasy like never before,” said Lennart Sas, director at Triumph Studios. “Working with the minions, players can loot and pillage their way through the game’s world or maybe resist the temptations of evil. In Overlord, player choices truly shape the world.”

“Overlord comes loaded with innovative and compelling game mechanics wrapped in a scenario that plays out with plenty of dark humor,” said Barry Jafrato, Senior VP of Brand for Codemasters. “We’re delighted to be working with Triumph on the title, bringing something fresh and original to next-generation gamers.”

Summer 2007 can’t come soon enough. Bring on the imps!

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