Captain America’s Bucky to Bring a Little “Dark Side;” Another New Image

In the Captain America comics, Bucky was portrayed as a sidekick to Cap as Robin was to Batman. In Joe Johnston’s theatrical adaptation, Bucky won’t be all smiles and widecracks.

In speaking with Hero Complex, Johnston said Sebastian Stan brought a little of his own “dark side” to the character of Bucky which carries through in his performance. This darker Bucky will already be enlisted and overseas before Steve Rogers even joins up for the Super Soldier program. Rather than be much younger than Captain America, he’ll be the same age.

Johnston calls his Bucky “less wise-cracking and more of a crack shot with his service rifle,” a description that fits perfectly with the first image of Sebastian Stan in the role that was scanned and shared online earlier today. In this second image released via Hero Complex, you can see some of Bucky’s dark side and bad boy persona oozing through his expression and demeanor.

Barring any more welcome surprises, the first Captain America: The First Avenger theatrical poster will be the next reveal coming this Friday.

Source: Hero Complex

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