Call of Duty: World at War Death Cards Collectibles Locations

Most “bonus” attention being showered onto Call of Duty: World at War has been for its unlockable Zombie Mode (see instructions and video here) and with good reason. There’s nothing quite like blasting endless swarms of Nazi undead.

There’s another unlockable adventure awaiting you in COD5 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 that has nothing to do with stumbling corpses or portable computers. It will take an eagle eye to complete and a desire to play with others to reap rewards.

Scattered throughout select levels of the game are a deck of “Death Cards.” Each of the 13 cards is stuck on helmets propped up on a rifle in the battlefield. Think of a makeshift grave and you get the idea.

Every Death Card unlocks a cheat that can be used to tweak settings in the new to the series multiplayer co-op mode. 13 cards means 13 cheats, each of which will impact gameplay in a different way.

Outlined below is the location and use of each Death Card. They aren’t overly hard to locate; just look for the gun sticking out of the ground and make a beeline for it.

1. Eight of Hearts at Semper Fi
Picking up this card is as easy as taking a right as soon as the game begins and checking out the small round hut. Your first Death Card is propped against the table inside.
Effect: Head shots turn into *exploding* head shots. Bam!

2. Four of Clubs at Little Resistance
You’ll notice a truck in front of you as the level is wrapping up. To the right of the truck is a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel a large bunker. Look in the far right corner just outside the bunker, resting neatly in some brush, for your second card.
Effect: A reduction to the damage enemies take when bullets hit them.

3. King of Hearts at Hard Landing
A building must be traversed before completing this level that has two machine-gunners on its roof. Move slowly through it and keeping looking at areas to the left. A glowing lantern will lead you to your third card.
Effect: Exploding pistol ammunition becomes available when shot up to an inch within death.

4. Five of Diamonds at Vendetta
The first building in this level has a visible bar. As soon as access is granted to the bar area, go behind the counter and look for card number four in the corners.
Effect: Enemy weapons “die” when enemies do along with any valuable ammunition in them.

5. Joker at Their Land, Their Blood
You’ll face a tank that bursts through a barn door. Eliminate the tank then look in the stall to the right. The rotting cow corpses flank your fifth card.
Effect: Go it caveman-style with nothing but a knife and rocks.

6. Queen of Hearts at Burn ‘Em Out
Mortar stations are a bitch, but taking them out is necessary for card number six. The second station is where its at, sitting in the corner of a back room.
Effect: Death to enemies increases your health, by gun or teeth. You want blood, and you can have it.

7. Nine of Diamonds at Relentless
It’s in the caves! Look for a fork in the path and once choosing either left or right, look towards the other side for an adjoining passage. The seventh Death Card awaits in the middle.
Effect: An exploding grenade will affect the health of enemies less.

8. Jack of Spades at Ring of Steel
There’s a courtyard in the asylum where you’ll want to be. Hang an a left, walk as far as you can and look around. The eighth card is nearby.
Effect: Only a head shot will kill an enemy. Where’s that sniper rifle?

9. Ace of Spades at Eviction
Look for a large open area with arches and a staircase. Look around to the right for a big crater in the ground. Card number nine is inside.
Effect: Watch out for zombie enemies that you create.

10. Ten of Clubs at Blowtorch and Corkscrew
A 200mm gun will greet you and take some effort to dispose of. Upon its destruction, head down the path to the left and look for card number 10 in front of a stone wall around where the hanging corpse is.
Effect: Did your co-op teammate die? No problem. Shoot their corpse and they’ll be back.

11. Three of Diamonds at Breaking Point
The third mortar is the charm. Once it is cleared, look for a small shack to right. Eliminate the guard and collect card number eleven.
Effect: Waxi three enemies in five seconds and be rewarded with invincibility armed only with a knife. Kind of like Rambo.

12. Six of Clubs at Heart of the Reich
Stairs are your friend. Hang an immediate left, then walk down the set of stairs behind a low wall to card number twelve waiting below.
Effect: Who needs bullets when you have paintballs instead?

13. Two of Spades at Downfall
A battle will ensue in a large open room. Clear the room then head up the stairs. Along the right wall is a door that has been breached. The final card rests inside.
Effect: Call this the “reality” cheat with friendly fire and death by loss of blood. Good luck!

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