Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Intel Locations Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Intel Locations GuideAfter beating the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign and trying out all the multiplayer modes, one of the next tasks players usually partake in is locating all 46 Intel cases that are scattered throughout each of the game’s acts.

To aid in this search, we’ve put together this Modern Warfare 3 Intel locations guide that will aid in locating each and everyone of them so you can snag the Xbox 360 Achievement or Playstation 3 Trophy that awaits for doing so. The guide is broken down by act, and then by mission, so it will be easy to figure out which Intel items are where.

In addition, thanks to the power of YouTube, I’ve included videos that will visually walk you directly up to each piece of Modern Warfare 3 intel so it can be collected. There’s a comprehensive video that walks through them all, and also secondary videos that show the intel locations by mission.

Without further adieu, here is our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Intel locations guide that will help you find where each of the hidden intel cases is located.

Act 1, Mission 1: Black Tuesday

1. Head to the third floor of the first building you enter at the beginning of the game. Poke around the bedrooms on that floor and you’ll find the intel located on the floor of one of them.

2. Enter the Jewelry Store and look for a table back underneath the stairs. This intel is located on top of that table.

3. Enter the lobby of the Stock Exchange building and look toward the right side of it. In the corner next to the stairs is a trading kiosk counter, and on that counter is the second piece of intel.

4. Stay in the Stock Exchange lobby and now look over on the left side. Spot a pair of ammo crates and look for the intel to be sitting near them.

5. From the Stock Exchange lobby, make your way to the roof and find the intel resting on top of a fold-out table just before the final set of stairs.

Act 1, Mission 2: Hunter Killer

6. Once you enter the submarine, be on the lookout for a room that includes a few bunk beds. Walk along the bunks until you reach the last one, then look in the corner for the intel.

7. On the second floor of the submarine, the intel is in the fuel tank room located just before breaching the missile control room. All of the enemies in this room have laser targeting on their guns so it is hard to miss. Get up on the scaffolding to grab the intel.

Act 1, Mission 3: Persona Non Grata

8. Start the mission by exiting a building and entering a courtyard. Once in the courtyard, head to the right and look for a small room that houses this piece of intel.

9. In the market area, look for a house on the right side of the street sitting on a corner. Head to the second floor and find the intel poised atop a nightstand in a bedroom.

10. Behind Price, in a shed, where you take control of the UGV. The intel is sitting on top of a barrel on the back side of the crate with the UGV in it.

11. Outside of the shed where intel #10 is sits a playground, and the intel location is on top of the slide. You have to wait until the UGV is destroyed and the sprint to the evac zone commences before you can grab it.

Act 1, Mission 4: Turbulence

12. In the cabin at the beginning of the mission, you’ll go down a set of stairs. If you keep going straight, you’ll enter a kitchen area and the intel is on the right on top of a counter.

13. Once the plane has crashed and you’ve exited your daze to continue forward, a large tree is in your path and has to be jumped over. Just on the other side of the tree, sitting in the snow, is this piece of intel.

Act 1, Mission 5: Back on the Grid

14. Price and Soap breach a factory in their search for Makarov after you cover them from the sniper tower. In this factory’s east corner is a washing machine, and the intel is sitting on top of it.

15. Head down the street from the factory and find the next intel in a house on the street’s left side just before going up ladders to a higher level. The intel is sitting on top of a crate.

16. You’ll have to fight your way through the market after using the mortar. Your path will take you into a church, and the intel is sitting atop a table that can’t be missed by walking right down the center of it. Be sure to grab it before continuing through the church’s inner doors.

Act 1, Mission 6: Mind the Gap

17. In the beginning of the mission, the intel is in a building on the left side of the street, on top of a crate. Grab it before heading up a flight of stairs.

18. You’ll reach a point where you must open doors to a truck. Before doing so, look to the right of the truck and spot some stairs. Take them, head across a walkway and into a lit room. The intel is sitting on a table inside the room.

19. At the top of the first escalators that you must run up in the subway, look for a magazine shop on the right wall and find the intel hiding on the ground just behind it.

Act 2, Mission 1: Goalpost

20. Cross the beach, then spot the crashed and destroyed plane on the north end of the street. The intel is nestled inside of the plane’s nose section.

21. At the top of the street, look for a tall white building with an “L” shaped wall at the bottom. The intel is underneath here, on top of a weapons crate.

22. In the first building you must enter after the tank crashes through the wall, look on the east wall of the building for the intel, located in a cubicle.

Act 2, Mission 2: Return to Sender

23. Just past the docks area, enter the blue and white “L” shaped building and head up the stairs. The intel is sitting on a desk.

24. In the west corner of Waraabe’s office, where you capture the high value target, is this intel sitting on a desk.

Act 2, Mission 3: Bag and Drop

26. Head into the bookstore and up to the second floor. The intel is sitting on a window sill (not a crate or table for a change).

27. Once done with the bookstore, head through a destroyed restaurant and look for the Cafe de Paris. The intel is sitting on a small table toward the back of the outside cafe seating area.

28. In the control room inside the sewers, where you get flashbanged and have to chase Volk, find the intel on top of a power generator.

29. After exiting the sewers in pursuit of Volk, look in the hallway entrance of the building you come up in and find the intel on top of a crate just before exiting the building to chase Volk to a car.

Act 2, Mission 4: Iron Lady

30. First snipe the mounted gun, then head into the glass greenhouse building and locate the intel at the top of the stairs inside.

31. After battling the tanks, spot a bus on the left side of a bridge. The intel is inside it toward the back.

Act 2, Mission 5: Eye of the Storm

32. This intel is just inside the hotel entrance guarded by two men. There’s a sniper watching the street out front, so move quickly to get inside and grab the intel off the front desk in the hotel lobby.

33. You’ll find yourself in a courtyard where your allies show up on the roof above to help take out a huge enemy force. Search around the cafe tables in this area’s left side. The one that has the intel on top of it is near a statue and has an umbrella.

Act 2, Mission 6: Blood Brothers

34. After entering a store through the back, find the intel lying on the ground of the store. This is right after Price picks up Soap.

Act 3, Mission 1: Stronghold

35. After being on the wrong end of a flashbang, you’ll enter a control room with TVs. Look at the back left corner of the room for the intel that is sitting on top of a power generator.

36. Leave the command center through the front door, then head right, south, up a flight of stairs and look for a storage area off the catwalk. The intel is atop a small crate.

Act 3, Mission 2: Scorched Earth

37. Once you’re dropped off by the helicopter, head into the first building and find the intel on a cubicle dead ahead.

38. In the same building, find the intel on the roof just behind the fence near the AC units and some short stairs.

39. After you rappel down the building, high tail it for the bookstore. The intel is easy to find on top of the cash register.

40. During the segment where you follow some tanks, locate the Teknik Deutsch building on the left side of the street. Head inside the lobby and look for the intel location over by the elevators.

41. Inside the second destroyed building you enter is a bar, and the intel is on a couch underneath the stairs in this area.

Act 3, Mission 3: Down the Rabbit Hole

42. Once you escape the crashing elevator, you’ll enter a control room. Look for the intel on a filing cabinet in this room.

43. After you breach the floor and save the President, look for a small area near the entrance with a barrel, and the intel will be sitting on top of the barrel.

Act 3, Mission 4: Dust to Dust

44. After going up the escalator, make a u-turn and look for a bar. The intel is on top of the bar.

45. You’ll exit an elevator, and immediately hang a left and keep going until you find a room. Enter the room and find the intel waiting on a poker table.

46. Spot Makarov in the lobby area, but instead of pursuing, head to the right and hug the wall until you find a bar. The final piece of intel is on the bar’s top.

Here are each of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Intel locations in video form, courtesy of WikiGameGuides via YouTube.

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All 46 Intel Locations in One Shot

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