Call of Duty: Black Ops Hidden RCXD Nuketown Car Path

The ‘Nuketown’ map in Call of Duty: Black Ops has left players divided as some applaud its concept while others find it bland to dig into and play. If you fall into the latter group then this video may help lift your spirits.

Within ‘Nuketown’ there is a hole in the bottom of a fence in either yard. Many players will dismiss the hole as “damage” and ignore it. Others have noted that it looks about the right size to drive the RCXD car through and they’d be right. On the other side of this hole is a path that, when followed, will lead you to your enemy without being spotted. Now put two and two together: explosive car approaching enemy without being spotted = excellent new tactic to employ.

Before you go attempting to maneuver this secret path be advised there is a caveat. Along the path is a rock-to-rock jump ramp. If you miss the jump then your car will explode and your little nifty maneuver will be thwarted.

Check out the Call of Duty: Black Ops hidden RCXD Nuketown car path video in action below.

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