Borderlands 2 Minecraft Skins Easter Egg: Where to Find It

Borderlands 2 Minecraft Skins Easter Egg: Where to Find ItAnyone familiar with the Borderlands franchise knew going into Borderlands 2 that there would be homages to other video games cleverly mixed in. In fact, it would have been a major disappointment had Gearbox not decided to include homages such as the one to Minecraft.

The Minecraft homage consists of an area designed to look inspired by the Minecraft game, as well as a neat Minecraft skins award for completing this area depending on which character you played with. Each character will receive a different Minecraft-themed skin that turns their head into a block.

Finding the Minecraft area and skins rewards requires locating the entrance to the Caustic Cavnerns. The best place and time to do so is to reach the Sanctuary Hole after chapter 9 and look for a cliff that seems to drop off into an abyss. It is located near the last building in the town. Or you can simply return there once discovering it by selecting Caustic Caves on the map.

If you look more carefully over the edge, you will notice an area that you can drop down to. Do so and you’ll find the entrance to Caustic Caverns.

Once in the caverns, check your map and head northwest by walking past the right side of the right side of the first dump trucks until you find the Guardian Ruins. There you will spot some cart tracks with mine carts on them. Get it; Minecraft and a mine cart. Anyway, follow the tracks to the right until you find a big door where they end, and take a right just before the door. From here, you quickly jump over a couple big stone blocks, then take an immediate left and confront a collection of Minecraft blocks that need to be smashed.

From this point on it’s all about destruction. Destroy the blocks in this room to enter a secret Minecraft room complete with Minecraft Creeper enemies. Take out all blocks and enemies in this room and the Borderlands 2 Minecraft skin will be yours. Rinse and repeat with different characters to get the different skins.

Here’s a YouTube video that illustrates what you need to do to locate the Borderlands 2 Minecraft skins location.

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