Watch: ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Ending and ‘A New Hope’ Beginning Edited Together

Rogue One Ending

Digital and physical copies of Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story from director Gareth Edwards are starting to make their way into the wild. Usually when that happens an Honest Trailer is imminent, but in this case the Internet has provided something a little something extra.

Barre Fong got his hands on Rogue One a little early and thought it would be a good idea to splice together that film’s closing moments with the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope. Naturally he was right as you’ll soon watch below.

The sequence picks up with Darth Vader aboard his Imperial shuttle en-route to the crippled Rebellion command ship. There, as Rebel Fleet Troopers attempt to open a jammed door in order to escape aboard the Tantive IV blockade runner with the stolen Death Star plans, Vader emerges under the fiery glow of his red lightsaber and swiftly dispenses with the opposition.

After the plans are successfully passed on, the Tantive IV escapes into hyperspace and Princess Leia makes her brief appearance, the scene smoothly cuts to the beginning of A New Hope as Vader, now aboard a Star Destroyer, pursues the stolen plans in a virtually seamless transition. We can only applaud the amount of care that went into ensuring Rogue One and A New Hope matched up.

Have a look below and look for Rogue One to make its home video debut on Digital HD this Friday.

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