Jurassic World Trailer Tease Arrives and Opens the Park Gates

Jurassic World Trailer Tease

As a surprise and unexpected treat on Sunday amid NFL games and holiday shopping, Universal quietly dropped a Jurassic World trailer tease that formally introduced the first footage from the film. If the scant few seconds of footage could talk, it would say, “Welcome to director Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World.”

Before you go saying “I’ve seen this movie before” like my wife did after watching the short trailer tease, keep in mind that the setup for Jurassic World is far different than Jurassic Park. The original film was built around a premise for a park that, through the movie’s events, never opened its gates to the public.

In Jurassic World, a new modernized version of the park has been operational for roughly a decade. Visitors have been traveling to Isla Nublar for years to walk among the dinosaurs and presumably paying good money to do so.

The problem for Jurassic World, as with many parks, is that as the years burn on, visitors grow tired of the same attraction and attendance wanes as a result. That’s no good for a corporate-run business, and thus experimentation begins to realize new attractions for the park’s guests.

In the Jurassic World trailer tease you’ll get a first look at the new main gate with a monorail running through it, a hamster ball-type vehicle that a parent and child are using to roll with a dinosaur, a safari-like truck driving among a herd of dinosaurs, the Jurassic World command center with Bryce Dallas Howard, and Chris Pratt arriving at the same command center.

You will be able to watch the full first Jurassic World trailer this Thursday on Thanksgiving Day. The film arrives in theaters on June 12, 2015, and be sure to check out the official website and supporting viral website for back story on the new park.

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