Indiana Jones 5 News: Janusz Kaminski Name Dropped as Film’s Cinematographer

Indiana Jones 5 News 2014

Will Harrison Ford be dusting off the old fedora in the near future? A fresh piece of Indiana Jones 5 news suggests that the wheel might be turning within Lucasfilm and Disney to get the project rolling, possibly as early as next year.

Variety has published a rather innocuous article to announce an online course in filmmaking from three of the top cinematographers working in Hollywood today. The article was penned by Peter Caranicas, deputy editor at the Hollywood trade magazine, so misinformation is not something to be expected within the article’s content.

About midway through the article, Caranicas recaps some of the projects Janusz Kaminski worked as a cinematographer on. Then he caps the paragraph with the following line, “His next project is the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.”

Wait, what? If we’re to believe that Kaminski is already attached to Indiana Jones 5 and it is slotted in as his next project, then this is huge news!

Indiana Jones 5 rumors have been swirling around for several years, ranging from the return of Harrison Ford to a reboot with a new actor. Disney now owns Lucasfilm and Indiana Jones is that company’s next best asset after Star Wars, so it would make sense to explore any and all viable options to revive the franchise in the post-Shia LaBeouf era.

If Kaminski is in fact already planning to serve as cinematographer on Indiana Jones 5 then work on the film must be further along than any of us realize. With Ford wrapping up work on Star Wars: Episode VII this fall, the door is certainly open for him to jump into Indiana Jones 5 next year if the stars align and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy decides to continue the franchise instead of rebooting it.

I have reached out to Variety for comment.

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