Four Interstellar Movie Posters Cover Earth and Beyond

Paramount kicked into Interstellar movie posters mode this past week and slowly released four different looks at the next highly anticipated project from The Dark Knight trilogy director, Christopher Nolan. All of the posters feature imagery extracted from the Interstellar trailers and all are beautifully composed in their own way.

The first poster features brooding star Matthew McConaughey on a presumably alien landscape with snow showers. An earth-like mountain range is seen in the distance, while another inverted mountain range floats above it. The tag line reads, “The end of earth will not be the end of us.”

McConaughey’s on-screen daughter Mackenzie Foy looks to the stars with her father in the second poster. Its tag line reads, “Mankind was born on earth. It was never meant to die here.”

I still maintain that Foy looks strikingly like a younger version of Anne Hathaway and could very well be the same person in the film, affected by time travel of some sort.

“Go further” is all the third poster reads as a spaceship working its way through a wormhole does all the talking without the need of words. This is my personal favorite poster of the batch and I’m sure many of you will feel the same way.

The final Interstellar poster released is the Interstellar IMAX poster that shows the three astronauts and their landing craft in knee-deep water. Theories could run wild on this one; are they on another alien planet, or have they returned to earth in either the future or the past? If the craziness of Inception is any indication then the answer may be none of the above and reside outside the box of rational thinking.

Interstellar begins its earthly mission in movie theaters on November 7.

Interstellar poster end of earth

Interstellar poster born on earth

Interstellar poster go further

Interstellar IMAX poster

Interstellar movie posters

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