What Do Thunderbolt and Short Cut Have in Common in Skylanders Trap Team Wave 4?

Skylanders Trap Team Thunderbolt Short Cut

At first glance, Skylanders Trap Team Wave 4 characters Thunderbolt and Short Cut are easily connected. They represent the only two all-new Trap Masters in Wave 4 and will forever share that commonality.

What if Short Cut and Thunderbolt had something else in common? Something that Toys for Bob snuck in to generate discussion?

From the picture above it’s hard to imagine Thunderbolt and Short Cut would ever be physically comparable. Thunderbolt rides on a cloud and wields a massive Traptanium sword. He’s an imposing presence from the Air Element who uses wide-arcing devastating attacks to take down Kaos’ minions.

Short Cut, on the other hand, is more diminutive in stature. What the Undead Element Trap Master lacks in stature he makes up for with scissors twice his size and a mentality to run around like a maniacal barber addicted to the sound of metal blades scraping against one another.

Turning these two figures around next to one another tells a different story. Each has the same symbol attached to their backs. In the case of Thunderbolt it’s emblazoned onto a shield. For Short Cut, the symbol is stitched onto his burlap hood.

Skylanders Trap Team Short Cut Thunderbolt figures back symbol

I don’t recall seeing this symbol in the Skylanders Trap Team game. It almost looks like an upside-down Saints symbol, but not quite.

Sound off in the comments below if you know what this symbol might mean and why these two particular Skylanders Trap Team Wave 4 figures carry it.

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