Two Affordable Nintendo Switch Games for Christmas Break

When scores of children and adults not afraid to hang onto their childhood open new Nintendo Switch consoles on Christmas morning, there will be over 1,000 games to choose from. Big hitters like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be had for $60, but there are some great far less expensive options to easily chew up hours during an extended holiday break from school or work.

There are two games that will be fired up in my household over the holiday break and combined they cost less than $30. One draws heavily on nostalgia while the other dangles the unknown alongside beautiful aesthetics and design.

For only $7.99 Switch owners can right now download SEGA’s original Phantasy Star game and play it as a handheld for the first time. More specifically, this return of Phantasy Star is part of the SEGA Ages line so it’s got a little more under the hood than the original 1988 game for SEGA Master System.

In addition to being able to play the original mode, a second mode reduces the number of enemy encounters and increases the HP from winning those encounters. There’s also the added bonus of a dungeon map being created on the fly as the game’s many dangerous dungeons are being explored. No need for graph paper thanks to this not-so-subtle game-changing update.

Phantasy Star is one of the first RPG games ever released. What’s great is it stands the test of time and will suck you in, especially on the Switch where a TV is no longer a tether.

The second game is ABZÛ from 505 Games priced at $19.99. This gorgeous game plunges players into a vast ocean waiting to be explored. Underwater species are discovered, puzzles are solved and ultimately secrets are uncovered.

Take one look at the ABZÛ launch trailer and you’ll immediately want to “dive” in and see what lurks beneath. Pun intended.

Switch Holiday Games

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