‘The Disney Afternoon Collection’ Announced

If you grew up in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s you likely watched Disney cartoons after school. Starting with the Gummi Bears in 1985, then Duck Tales (my personal favorite) in 1987, and many more followed, each with a different take on classic Disney movie characters. In 1989 Capcom worked out a deal to make NES games with all of the Disney Afternoon cartoons. Their first was Duck Tales and it was amazing. The graphics and music pushed what the NES could do.

Next month, on April 18, Capcom is releasing six of these classic games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with The Disney Afternoon Collection. DuckTales was published in 1989, Rescue Rangers in 1990, TaleSpin in 1991, Darkwing Duck in 1992, DuckTales 2 in 1993, and Rescue Rangers 2 in 1994, and they are all here in their original 8-bit versions remastered for HD.

Some small changes include the ability to rewind time in-game, sort of like Braid, a welcome addition as most of these games were notoriously challenging. Each game will also include new features such as a time attack mode for online speedrun ranks, a boss rush mode where players will fight all the game’s bosses in a series of battles and also rank against other players. Additionally, fans can enjoy a museum feature that includes various materials from each of the game’s original development process such as art and other fun stuff.    

The Disney Afternoon Collection is available April 18th, Pre-Order now!


All information via Capcom official announcement here


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