PlayStation Plus October 2014 Free Games List Gets a Bonus

Sony’s PlayStation’s Plus October 2014 free games list gets a little boost from the usual compliment of freebies thanks to an extra game that doesn’t take up one of the usual six game slots. This extra game is extremely high profile so the odds of another equal or even similar title showing up on the PS Plus free games list is naturally low.

Less than a week ago Sony confirmed that DriveClub will make its delayed PlayStation 4 debut on October 7, though the free PS Plus version will be limited to 10 cars and 11 tracks that are all situated in India, plus all game modes. Still, the core game is entirely free before paid upgrades and as confirmed by Sony does not take up one of the three free game slots. The first time every to my knowledge, the PS Plus free games program is offering a bonus free game so enjoy it while it lasts.

As for the other PlayStation’s Plus October 2014 free games, expect Sony to follow the usual pattern of two for PS3, two for PS4, and two for PS Vita, with cross-platform games very much in play. My thought is that DriveClub will force Sony to fill in the rest of the free games list with indie titles as to keep the list balanced and not too heavily skewed toward multiple high profile releases.

Personally I’d love to see Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One to show up on PS Vita having already had its free day on PS3. With AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 5 premiering on October 12, the timing is perfect for PS Vita owners to get in on Telltale’s exceptional interactive storytelling.

We should find out the final PlayStation’s Plus October 2014 free games list in roughly 10 days or so.

PlayStation Plus October 2014 Free Games List

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