Playable Ganondorf Makes Hyrule Warriors a Must-Own Game

I brought up the idea of Ganondorf being playable in Hyrule Warriors to Nintendo at E3, only to get a generic “no comment” response in  return. It was only a matter of time, and now it has been officially announced that Ganondorf, the Demon King, the only male Gerudan, the King of Evil, the human embodiment of a dastardly blue pig wizard or whatever you know him by; he will be in Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Wii U, and he will be playable. As if our excitement for this game couldn’t get any higher, this completely seals the deal.

The news was so huge that Nintendo even held a special Nintendo Direct to announce it. With Ganon joining Link, Zelda, Impa, and the other already-announced characters in the highly-anticpated Tecmo-KOEI/Nintendo collaboration, Hyrule Warriors will feel more like a true Zelda game. Having played it extensively at E3, the elements were there, and the new addition only adds to the lore. I can only imagine how twisted the story mode for Hyrule Warriors will be if Ganon is involved.

In the Dynasty Warrior games, players usually unlock a character as playable only after defeating them in battle. With Ganon being the classic foil for Link and Zelda as the third holder of a piece of Triforce, we’re guessing that playing the King of Evil will be a post-content thing. It should also be noted that Ganon’s weapon is the great sword, but in true Demon King fashion, he will wield two of them, and have access to some pretty twisted dark magic. This is in addition to the others already revealed: Link (Hylian Sword), Princess Zelda (Rapier), Impa (Giant Blade), Midna (Shackle), Sheik (Harp), Agitha (Parasol), Darunia (Hammer), Princess Ruto (Zora Scale), Zant (Scimitar), Fi (Goddess Blade), Ghirahim (Demon Blade) and Lana (Book of Sorcery).

Ganon two swords

Ganon has two great swords, and dark magic, making him a worthy warrior on the battlefield.

It was also announced that two special Ganon skins will be made available as DLC for Club Nintendo members. These special edition Ganon skins feature his form from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and his form in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The additional skins are available to members who register the game between September 26th and October 23rd.

Hyrule Warriors, exclusively on the Wii U, hits North American stores on September 26 and will also be available via the Nintendo e-shop in a hefty seven gig-plus download. Additional character skins will be delegated as retail pre-order bonuses, so pay attention if you pre-order.

Ganondorf Rules!

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