Hyrule Warriors Playable Characters List Comes into Focus

Last night’s Nintendo Direct was dedicated entirely to the upcoming Dynasty Warriors and Zelda mash-up for Wii U, Hyrule Warriors. Several new announcements were made including new modes, new weapons, new costumes, and finally what appears to be the complete Hyrule Warriors playable characters list.

Before diving into the Hyrule Warriors characters let’s take a look at the other big announcements made last night. Nostalgia is the driving force behind Adventure Mode, a top-down challenge mode that plays like the original The Legend of Zelda on NES. This mode challenges players to battle their way through a grid map to unlock new regions along the way. Select weapons and characters can only be unlocked playing Adventure Mode so it’s not something you’ll want to brush aside.

Nintendo also confirmed local couch two-player cooperative play where one player can look at the TV while the other uses the GamePad as their viewing device. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like online play will be supported and that could be a deal breaker for some.

Here’s a rundown of the confirmed bonus weapons that will appear in the game outside each players signature weapon. They include a guest appearance by a Chain Chomp, Magic Rod for Link, Baton for Zelda, Spear for Lana, Focus Spirit Magic to boost attack power, and Bombchus. These weapons will have to be unlocked through the course of the game.

The big new character announcement last night was the inclusion of a playable Ganondorf i.e. link’s nemesis. Additionally, any Club Nintendo member (it’s free) who registers Hyrule Warriors within four weeks of launch will receive a free DLC pack with additional Ganondor outfits.

Hyrule Warriors Playable Characters List and Their Weapons

In total there are 13 playable characters in Hyrule Warriors, but not all of them will be available when you start the game. Here’s the rundown, followed by some screenshots:

Link (Hylian Sword)
Princess Zelda (Rapier)
Impa (Giant Blade)
Midna (Shackle)
Sheik (Harp)
Agitha (Parasol)
Darunia (Hammer)
Princess Ruto (Zora Scale)
Zant (Scimitar)
Fi (Goddess Blade)
Ghirahim (Demon Blade)
Lana (Book of Sorcery)

Hyrule Warriors Playable Characters List

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