Ninja Theory Developing for Disney Infinity 2.0, Plus John Vignocchi Profiles The Avengers

Heavenly Sword Developer Ninja Theory is bringing its video game combat expertise to the development of Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes, as first announced at the Giant Bomb PAX panel and later confirmed by the game’s executive producer, John Vignocchi, on Twitter.

Ninja Theory’s work primarily focuses on the battle aspects of Marvel’s trio of villains that are playable in the game: Loki, Ronan the Accuser and the Green Goblin. As Vignocchi revealed on Twitter, the developer has been working on the game since February and there are things they’re putting together that have not yet been revealed.

It is possible that Ninja Theory is working on Star Wars and Disney Interactive is taking a two-development house approach to the franchise as Activision has done with Skylanders by utilizing Toys For Bob and Vicarious Visions for alternating annual releases. Multiple Play Sets within a single Disney Infinity game allows multiple developers to work on each game and not specifically a complete game of their own.

Vignocchi, who loves the public eye, also spoke with the official Marvel website and dropped descriptions for each of the Avengers that appear in the game.

Iron Man: “With his Power Pulse Bolts charged up and ready to rock, Iron Man takes control of any situation using his rapid fire Pulse Bolt Blitz to take down anything Loki throws his way! He can launch Grapple Mines to create a field of fire or stand strong with a fully upgraded Shield Surge on his Regenerating Shields.”

Thor: “Wielding the mighty Mjolnir — an enchanted hammer of lightning — the Norse god of thunder and lightning metes out Lightning Strike attacks to those that would oppose him. Upgradable to take out several enemies at once, Thor can also use Summon Mjolnir to call it back and take to the skies using its powers.”

Captain America: “Captain America uses his superior physical strength and his ultra-strong flying shield to obliterate any that threaten that which he defends! Cap’s Shield Assault can take out numerous foes and land right back in his powerful grip to charge up a Shield Strike for an extra powerful attack.”

Hawkeye: “The master archer, utilizing Exploding Arrows, Rain of Arrows and powerful melee attacks using his bow, Hawkeye can take on numerous enemies at range or in close quarters. His bow skills are unmatched. He can upgrade to add a knock-back effect to his shots, fire multiple arrows and increase his rate of fire to an unstoppable pace.”

Black Widow: “Oppose her and you will suffer her Widow’s Sting — electrically charged stingers that arc to nearby enemies.  Stand in her way, and her Flying Kick will send you on your way.  Seek her and she will elude you with her Widow’s Veil S.H.I.E.L.D tech.”

Hulk: “Hulk not only uses his super-human, anger-fueled strength to smash, but also regenerates health with an ability that can be upgraded to make him nearly invulnerable to damage!  His Rampaging Rush can stampede through crowds of enemies, while his Raging Roar not only makes him even more huge, but will send foes flying in every direction.”

Disney Infinity 2.0 arrives in stores on September 23, or three weeks from today.

Source: Marvel

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