‘LEGO Dimensions’ Wave 9 Announced: Beetlejuice, The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go!

The next and potentially final? wave of LEGO Dimensions has been officially announced and dated for a September 12th release.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 will consist of figures and buildable objects from Beetlejuice, The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go!  Absent from the announcement is Lord Vortech who was widely believed to be a planned Fun Pack for this wave.

The Beetlejuice Fun Pack includes a Beetlejuice LEGO minifigure and Saturn’s Sandworm. The latter can rebuilt into the Haunted Vacuum and Spooky Spider. The Beetlejuice minifigure also unlocks the exclusive Adventure World and Battle Arena.

The Teen Titans Go! Team Pack includes LEGO minifigures of Raven and Beast Boy. Two additional inclusive builds are the 3-in-1 T-Car, which can be rebuilt into the Forklift and T-Plane; and the Spellbook of Azarath, rebuildable into Raven Wings and the Giant Hand.

Teen Titans Go! also gets a Fun Pack with a Starfire LEGO minifigure and the 3-in-1 Titan Robot, which can be rebuilt into the T-Rocket or Robot Retriever.

All three Teen Titans Go! figures unlock their Adventure World in Jump City where players can explore several psychedelic areas from the Titans Tower to Wacka Doodles Amusement Park.

The Powerpuff Girls Team Pack includes LEGO minifigures of sisters, Blossom and Bubbles. Also included is the 3-in-1 Octi that can be rebuilt into the Super Skunk or Sonic Squid, and the PPG Smartphone can be rebuilt into the PPG Hotline and Powerpuff Mag-Net.

The Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack includes a Buttercup LEGO minifigure as well as the 3-in-1 Mega Blast Bot, rebuildable into the Ka-Pow Cannon and Slammin’ Guitar.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 9

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