Broccoli Guy Skylanders Trap Team Villain is a Literal Interpretation

Broccoli Guy Skylanders Trap Team Villain is a Literal InterpretationI figured Activision was done revealing new Skylanders Trap Team characters ahead of E3 after unveiling Krypt King yesterday. Low and behold they were at it again today and this time the reveal is sure to spark some leafy controversy.

Say hello to Broccoli Guy, literally a guy that looks like a head of broccoli. He — or she? — carries a staff with crystal of some sort on the end, and wears a shirt with a Life element leaf on it.

Toys For Bob and Vicarious Visions have been pretty clever with all the Skylanders names through three games. Even though Broccoli guy is one of the over 40 villains that can be trapped and made playable in Skylanders Trap Team, his literal name is going to throw some for a loop. I personally think it’s more a playful fun joke for kids to eat their vegetables than effortless stab, but there are already cries on social media claiming that Toys For Bob is “getting lazy” and questions being raised like “this is the best you can do?”

Activision has been pretty mum thus far on any gameplay enhancements in Skylanders Trap Team versus Swap Force other than the ability to capture select villains with traptanium weapons in physical Traps and then play as them in-game. With Disney Interactive already sharing some pretty solid in-game improvements for Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes, it’s time for Activision to loosen the collar a bit and hopefully use E3 to wow everyone with a new in-game feature or two.

For those keeping count, the new E3 Skylanders and villains revealed thus far have been Trap Master Gearshift, Trap Master Krypt King, villain and E3 exclusive Riot Shield Shredder, and now Broccoli Guy. One of these names is not like the other.

Check out the Broccoli Guy screenshot and other Skylanders Trap Team screenshots below.

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