New Zombie U Wii U Trailer and Screens

New Zombie U Wii U Trailer and ScreensToday’s big Wii U price and release date reveal opened the door for the third-party developers to release new assets for their upcoming Nintendo Wii U games.

Ubisoft has the most Wii U games on the way and none more anticipated than Zombie U. The Wii U exclusive shooter is geared directly at the hardcore gaming audience that Nintendo has struggled to lure in the past. Coupled with Call of Duty Black Ops 2, this zombie apocalypse romp could be enough to get some hardcore gamers to shell out their cold hard cash for a Wii U system.

The new Zombie U include a handful of screenshots, both with and without second-screen, and a trailer set mostly within the walls of good old Big Ben. Much of the trailer is show from the gamer’s perspective so you can see the TV screen and GamePad working in unison. Some GamePad features touched upon include manning a machine gun turret, looking down a sniper scope, navigating the world map, and receiving friend notifications.

Zombie U is a Wii U launch window title and is expected to be in stores either on the November 18 system launch or shortly after it.

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