Lost Planet 2 Confirmed Xbox 360 Exclusive; First Screens

Following up on their exclusive unveil on Xbox Live Marketplace this past Monday, Capcom has issued a formal press release confirming Lost Planet 2 is in development.

The big news is, at least for now, Lost Planet 2 is being developed exclusively for Xbox 360 — as the original Lost Planet initially was. This is a big blow to Sony and PS3 as Lost Planet sold over 2.2 million copies and the sequel has the potential to surpass it.

Lost Planet 2 is set on the same planet 10 years after the events from the first game. Due to successful terraforming activities, the ice has begun to melt giving way to lush jungles underneath. With the jungles comes all kinds of new enemies like a new version of the enormous Akrids you’ll have to face.

Rather than control Wayne Holden, you’ll control one of several space pirates vying to control the planet. Up to four players can play the campaign cooperatively over Xbox Live with multiple stories unfolding along the way, just one of many multiplayer features Capcom promises.

As you can see in the 15 high resolution screenshots below, Lost Planet 2 is light years beyond the original in terms of visuals. To help accomplish this, Capcom is utilizing an “advanced software development tool, the MT Framework 2. This is the first game to make use of the new technology – a technology that builds on the advancements made in the original MT Framework.”

Check out the first official screens below and look for much more on Lost Planet 2 in the months ahead.

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