Watch Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9 Online

Our journey with the Crawleys and Downton Abbey formally comes to a close tonight on PBS Masterpiece Theater in the US as the two-hour series finale premieres. Watch Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9 online free streaming tonight on PBS or at as storylines wrap up and Mary begins a new life with a new man.

Mary got herself into a bit of trouble in the penultimate episode two weeks ago. It began when Edith blurted out that Bertie was next in line to become the Marquess of Hexham. Mary took exception and was about to say she was a higher rank than anyone when Robert cut her off and said Edith outranks *everyone*.

The lunch where this exchange occurred came across like the final negotiation between Mary and Edith. By lunch’s end they still didn’t care for one another, but there was an agreement that they’d put up with one another and make the best of the relative situation rather than let the hatred consume them both.

The big lingering questions entering the Downton Abbey series final are what does the future hold for Mary and Henry now that they are husband and wife? Will Thomas find a new path? And will Bertie forgive Bertie and make amends?

Unlike last weekend the answer to the question “Is Downton Abbey on tonight?” is a resounding yes! Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9 premieres in the U.S. tonight at a start time of 9/8c exclusively on the PBS channel as part of PBS Masterpiece Theater TV programming. At two hours long, the series finale won’t wrap up until 11 pm EST. PBS does offer Downton Abbey online streaming live free here that can be watched on phones, iPads, computers and other Internet capable devices.

Another option to watch Downton Abbey online at any time is through All past episodes of Downton Abbey are available to watch at Amazon so you can begin at the series premiere and go right through the series finale in the ultimate Downton Abbey binge session.

Watch Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9 online

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