True Blood Series Finale Trailer Promises Life or Death

True Blood Series Finale Trailer

HBO’s True Blood began with when Bill met Sookie and the True Blood series finale trailer indicates that’s precisely where it will end. After last night’s penultimate episode ‘Love is to Die’ that surprisingly saw no major character deaths — though one did depart Bon Temps — there’s only more episode of True Blood left, ever. Spoilers are present from this point forward so bite in at your own discretion.

After Bill’s awkward insistence to not drink Sarah Newlin’s blood and cure himself, the sickened vampire confessed to Eric the reasoning behind his choice, which of course centers around the continued happiness of Sookie Stackhouse. In Bill’s eyes, Sookie is drawn to his darkness and he to her light, so the only way to break the circle is for Bill to die. Of course, Bill doesn’t mention that Sookie will just switch to Eric or some other vampire and start another vicious circle anew, but at this point in True Blood, plot holes are par for the course.

Much of last night’s episode revolved around wrapping up the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason love triangle by bringing Hoyt and Jessica back together after Bill freed Jessica from their bond. Jason, meanwhile, does some growing up of his own by spending some quality time talking with Bridgette who will obviously become the mother of his future children.

Eric and Ginger finally have sex that lasts all of about 30 seconds. Afterward, Eric heads into the basement of Fangtasia and is faced with choosing between Sookie and Pam, a decision that echoes an earlier episode also involving the Yakuza and choosing between two women. Like last time, Eric chooses Pam to save her life.

Sam finally made his choice and took off to Chicago with his pregnant girlfriend, Nicole. Before bolting, he left a note for Sookie telling her that he loves her and invites Sookie to Chicago to meet the baby. Oddly enough, even though Sam is now several states away, he shows up in the True Blood series finale trailer in what could potentially be a flash forward to catch up with the surviving characters down the road.

The True Blood series finale airs this upcoming Sunday at 10/9c. Expect a clip or two to surface between now and then.

Watch the True Blood series finale trailer below.

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