Watch Discovery’s ‘UFOs Declassified: LIVE’ Online for Free

A host of celebrities will be joining host Josh Gates (Expedition Unknown) for a three-hour live event on the cable channels Discovery, Science Channel and Travel Channel. Dubbed UFOs Declassified: LIVE, the special will dig into findings in the new government report on UFO’s on Wednesday, June 30th at 8/7c.

If you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription, find out how to stream and watch UFOs Declassified: LIVE online free without cable either live or anytime after it premieres.

UFOs Declassified: LIVE on Philo

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UFOs Declassified: LIVE Preview

Discovery’s synopsis for UFOs: Declassified reads:

“The highly-anticipated UAP Task Force report is about to reveal long-kept secrets of what we know about unexplained aerial phenomena. Can the answers to these mysteries shed light on the existence of extraterrestrials? Senators, former president Barack Obama and former CIA directors all have expressed openness to the possibility of life beyond Earth.

The day after the report is released, top experts in the fields of intelligence will shed light on the meaning behind this investigation, including former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and members from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Get ready for a mind blowing conversation around the newly released evidence…. or lack thereof.”

Some of the experts that will be called upon to react to the findings in UFOs Declassified: LIVE include Nick Pope, former UK Ministry of Defense employee; Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader; intelligence historian Keith Melton; physicist and astronomer Robert Weryk; NASA administrator Bill Nelson; astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi; Bob Wallace, retired senior intelligence officer; and John Podesta, the former counselor to President Obama.

Celebrity appearances include The X-Files creator Chris Carter, Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld, investigative reporter George Knapp, Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, and investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell..

Watch UFOs Declassified: LIVE online

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