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A wedding ring designer (Lauren Lee Smith) starts to realize maybe it’s time she wore one of her own in the new 2021 movie The Wedding Ring, previously known as A Wedding Ring during production.

The Wedding Ring movie premiere date and time is Sunday, June 6th at 7/6c on the UPtv cable channel.

Find out how to stream and watch The Wedding Ring online free without cable either live or after it premieres.

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The Wedding Ring Movie Preview

The official synopsis for The Wedding Ring reads:

“Kate Sterling’s entire life is about proposals. As a jewelry designer she’s created rings for more happy couples than she can count, however none for herself yet. At her sister’s marriage, Kate is given a second change to connect with her childhood sweetheart.

Now she has to decide whether their feelings have changed, or if the wedding will re-kindle the sparks that once united them; giving Kate the ring she’s been waiting for her whole life!”

The Wedding Ring TV movie is written by Emily Golden and directed by Graeme Campbell.

Starring in The Wedding Ring are Lauren Lee Smith, Dillon Casey, Sara Mitich, Cory Lee, and Raymond Ablack.

Watch The Wedding Ring Movie Online

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