Star Wars Rebels Spoilers: Meet Vizago and his Droid Goons

Sparking a rebellion is no easy chore. It’s one thing to sneak up on an Imperial outpost from the shadows and steal their weapons. It’s another to obtain the intelligence necessary to know where and when is the best place to attack, and how to avoid any and all Imperial entanglements.

For the crew of the Ghost ship in Star Wars Rebels, collecting intel requires aligning oneself with unsavory types. The law is the enemy, so breaking it is common practice in order to rise up and rebel.

What follows should be considered Star Wars Rebels spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

A key contact and valuable source of information for Kanan and his small band of rebels is the Devaronian Broken Horn crime syndicate leader, Cikatro Vizago. We’ve seen his kind of scum before in the Mos Eisley Cantina, though this particular fella works the Lothal underground and trades information in exchange for stolen goods — a specialty of the youngest rebel hero, Ezra.

Vizago doesn’t like to get his hands dirty so he employs IG-RM droid bodyguards to do it for him. These droids come from the same developer as General Grevious’ MangaGuards, Holowan Laboratories, and serve a similar bodyguard role for Vizago.

Star Wars Rebels: Spark of the Rebellion, the one-hour premiere, debuts on Disney Channel at 9/8c on Friday, October 3. The series then switches to Disney XD for additional episodes beginning Monday, October 13.

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