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HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season Finale Synopsis

HBO has released a brief official synopsis for the season finale of Boardwalk Empire which, if you’re not afraid of some small spoilers, is included below in its entirety. The season one finale aka episode 12 is called ‘A Return… Read More

Boardwalk Empire Premiere is September 19

HBO’s upcoming new dramatic series Boardwalk Empire has finally been given a concrete premiere date of September 19 in the 9PM est/pst timeslot. The Boardwalk Empire premiere was penned by The Sopranos writer Terence Winter and directed… Read More

See HBO’s Latest Boardwalk Empire Trailer

HBO is offering up another look at its new Boarkwalk Empire series set to debut this September. This trailer will air prior to the True Blood Season 3 premiere this evening where millions of “blood” thirsty viewers will have their… Read More