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SSX Demo Hits Xbox 360, PS3 Coming Later Today

EA Sports this morning announced via Twitter that the SSX demo is ready to download for Xbox 360 Gold members. The snow is fresh, the air is clear, and all systems are go for takeoff. The Playstation 3 crowd is going to have to wait a little bit longer… Read More

SSX Demo Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 This Tuesday

This upcoming Tuesday, February 21, EA Sports is unleashing a free playable demo for SSX, the return of the snowboarding franchise that helped successfully launch Playstation 2 so many years ago. The SSX demo will be available on both Playstation… Read More

PSN Update: Slowly Coming Back Online

Sony has begun to restore the Playstation Network (PSN) in select territories as first reported by the company’s own Playstation Blog. The first PSN feature coming back online is online multiplayer functionality. Additional features… Read More

Infamous 2 Takes a Page from LBP Creation Mode

It was always expected inFamous 2 would give protagonist Cole new abilities, new allies and foes, new weapons and a new sandbox to play in. It was never expected that Sackboy would influence developer Sucker Punch to take the game in a radical… Read More

List of 3D Games for PS3

Many lucky folks will find new 3D TVs and/or PS3 consoles under their Christmas trees this upcoming Saturday. Armed the power of 3D gaming, those folks (maybe even you!) will need an idea of what 3D games are available now and in the near future.… Read More