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Vin Diesel Share Another Riddick 3 Image

Vin Diesel is back to his old tricks on Facebook, using the social network platform to offer the only behind-the-scenes look from the new Chronicles of Riddick film currently in production. This new images is similar to the last one in that it… Read More

Vin Diesel Shares Riddick 3 Armor Concept Art

Vin Diesel is back sharing goodies on Facebook, this time new concept art from Riddick 3 that builds off of the events of The Chronicles of Riddick. The concept art shows Vin Diesel as Riddick wearing a version of Necro-armor. If you recall, Riddick… Read More

Vin Diesel Says Riddick 3 Will Be R-Rated

No Hollywood celebrity has been able to leverage Facebook with the success of Vin Diesel. His nearly 21 million followers put Charlie Sheen’s numbers to shame. Universal was so impressed with Vin’s Facebook audience that they… Read More

Vin Diesel Updates Next Riddick Movie

Vin Diesel has been dropping cryptic hints about the next Riddick film on Facebook for over a year now. His latest, passed along just before Christmas, offers a first glimpse into what the story might entail based on direction he’s been… Read More