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Dragon’s Dogma Review: A Pawn Worth Securing

It's easy to dismiss Capcom's new action RPG game Dragon's Dogma as a poor man's Skyrim. Both games share elements of dragons, open world exploration, endless (and sometimes senseless) questing, deep, deep character customization (including crafting weapons and items) and…  Read More
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Fable 3 Review: It’s Familiar to be King

Albion is your oyster in Fable 3, Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios' more accessible than challenging latest chapter in the ongoing Fable saga on Xbox 360 (and PC). It will draw you in with its vastly improved narrative and excellent…  Read More
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Mass Effect 2 Review: Near Perfection

The original Mass Effect is an amazing gaming experience but far from perfection. From its infamous elevators to the heaps of useless items, there was significant room for improvement. And let's not even mention trying to pilot that Mako rover…  Read More
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