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American Hustle Review: I’ve Been Conned

The '70s were such a transformative time period in American history. The music, the fashion, the new varieties of entertainment, and corruption in all forms of authority, from the lowly street cop to the the highest levels of government, all…  Read More
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Homeland Season 2 Premiere ‘The Smile’ Preview

When Homeland returns on Showtime tonight to kick off its second season, it does so as the recently crowned Best Drama at the Emmys. More eyes are expected to be on the Season 2 premiere than any single episode from the first season. That will happen… Read More

The Delta Force Blu-ray Review

The Delta Force is one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen, and yet for some reason it holds some bizarre charm that comes frighteningly-close to making me love it. It's jingoistic redneck fodder - the kind of movie that…  Read More
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First Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer

Electronic Arts has released the very first snippet of gameplay footage from Battlefield 3 which you can watch past the age gate below. Half of this short gameplay trailer is a black digital flickering effect so the sliver of footage is more… Read More