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Fable 3 Release Date is October 26

Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have pegged October 26 as your next trip to Albion in the Xbox 360 exclusive Fable III (aka Fable 3). Lionhead founder Peter Molyneux revealed the date along with a new trailer at Microsoft’s… Read More

Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference Live Stream

Microsoft has teamed up with Game Trailers to offer a live stream of their E3 2010 press conference keynote address in its entirety. This roughly hour-long keynote should provide games, pricing and a release date for Kinetic (formerly Project… Read More

Project Natal is Now Called Kinect

The working name of Project Natal for Microsoft’s upcoming full body motion control and recognition accessory for Xbox 360 now has a commercial name. And that name is Kinect. This evening in Los Angeles, Microsoft let over 200 of Canada’s… Read More

Potential Hulu on Xbox 360 Announcement at E3

Microsoft is widely expected to announce a partnership with Hulu at its E3 2010 keynote address that will allow access to the video service via Xbox Live for a subscription fee. The only obstacle remaining is if some content licensing rights… Read More