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‘Halloween’ Slaughters the Competition

He’s baaaaaack. The return of the unstoppable killer Michael Myers sliced and diced its way to a monster opening this weekend at the North America box office. Riding waves of hype, decent reviews and four decades of nostalgia, Universal’s… Read More

‘Venom’ Holds On To the Top Spot

The North America box office experienced a bit of déjà vu this weekend Sony’s Venom and Warner’s A Star Is Born remained the two most popular choices for moviegoers. Their lock on the top spots spelled trouble for newcomers Last Man, Goosebumps… Read More

Machete Talks: A Conversation with Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is a fascinating man. He started his acting career at age 39, after serving time in prison throughout the ’70s. In 1984, at the suggestion of a friend, Trejo went out to be an extra in a prison scene on a low budget Golan/Globus… Read More