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Iron Man 2 Review: Twisted Metal Fun

Before the original Iron Man film soared to box office heights, few outside comic circles knew who Tony Stark was - much less his crime fighting alter-ego. In that moment when Robert Downey Jr. as Stark took to a press…  Read More
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Another Round of Iron Man 2 High-Res Images

Paramount and Marvel Studios have released what is likely the final batch of Iron Man 2 stills we’ll see before the film opens on May 7. Some of the images might have appeared before in lower resolutions so I apologize if they look too familiar.… Read More

10 New High-Res Iron Man 2 Images

The countdown to Iron Man 2 continues with a new batch of images fresh from Paramount and Marvel Studios to mark the roughly one month mark until the film’s May 7 release date. Some of these 10 new images were snapped from the previously… Read More